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Oak Leaf Trail Construction Closures

In addition to the bridge over Capitol Drive in Shorewood which isĀ  being replaced, the trail in Estabrook park is presently closed because of reconstruction of the Estabrook Parkway and the Milwaukee River Parkway is also closed for construction, closing the trail that runs next to it. Probably the most direct detour is to follow Wilson Drive north from Capitol, continuing on Santa Monica Boulevard. Then go west on Bender to rejoin the Oak Leaf trail (see the Milwaukee map for details).

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US Bike Route Comes to Wisconsin

Adventure Cycling has been working with the US Department of Transportation to develop a system of marked bike routes across the state. One of the proposed routes would run from Winona Minnesota to the Lake Ferry in Milwaukee, using mostly bike trails to cross Wisconsin (including the Great River Trail, the LaCrosse River Trail, the Sparta-Elroy Trail, the 400 Trail, and the Glacial Drumlin Trail. (It appears that this route will be very similar to that described under Winona-Milwaukee.)

For discussions of the overall project click here for the US Department of Transportation and here for Adventure Cycling. It appears from a map of the proposed system that the proposed Wisconsin segment is part of proposed route 30, which will run west through Minneapolis to beyond Billings and east, after cross the lake, to Detroit.

A number of states, particularly in the Northeast now have marked and numbered long-distance bicycle routes. In the 1970s, Wisconsin pioneered with two routes, one from LaCrosse to Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha, and the second running north from LaCrosse to Lake Superior. At some point these routes, mostly using roads, were abandoned as attention turned more to developing bike trails, particularly on abandoned railroad lines.

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Extension of Racine’s Lake Michigan Pathway

The bicyclist traveling between Milwaukee and Chicago has the choice of two trails through Racine. One follows the Root River and the other the shore of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin recently announced two Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality awards that would be used to extend both ends of the latter. At the northern end it is:

Lake Michigan Pathway Phase III-A
Addition of new segment of the Lake Michigan Pathway project from Augusta Street to Melvin Avenue.

And at the southern end:

Lake Michigan Pathway Phase III-B
Addition of new segment of the Lake Michigan Pathway project from DeKoven Avenue to 24th Street.

As with the other grants, there is no mention of when these might actually be constructed.

Extending the Ozaukee Interurban Trail

One suggested route from Milwaukee to Door county uses the Ozaukee Interurban Trail. The Brown Deer Trail extends south from Ozaukee county to Brown Deer Rd. where it ends. The to get between this trail and the Oak Leaf trail involves a tricky left turn where Green Bay Rd intersects Teutonia.

One answer would be to continue the trail on the old Interurban (now used by WE Energy power lines until it intersect with former rail lines which continue to the present rail-trail just south of Hampton.

Wisconsin recently announced a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality award that would be used to purchase the former railroad:

Ozaukee County/Downtown Milwaukee Connector-Phase 4
Acquisition of Union Pacific Railroad Corridor, construction of a 3.1 mile, 10 ft. wide asphalt path and modification of six bridges from Estabrook Park to Teutonia Ave/West Mill Road.

Last year, grants were announced to help with the conversion of the more northerly portions of the project. I am not sure of the current status of these projects.

At its northern end, the Interurban Trail extends into Oostberg in Sheboygan County. From there to Sheboygan, there are bike route signs along roads. Another grant is aimed at extending the trail:

Extending the Interurban Trail
Construction of 10 mile, 5 ft. wide paved trail along CTH A and STH V in Sheboygan.

What are we missing?

Do you have a suggestion for a bike route? Or a correction to an existing route? Let me know in the comment section.