Monthly Archives: October 2011

Kenosha and McClory trails

Yesterday I rode the newly-paved trail from the southern edge of Kenosha to the state line. It was a big improvement. The countryside is mostly woods with some housing developments and a very few cornfields.

I continued south into Illinois along the Robert McClory trail to Waukegan. It is still unpaved but seems considerably improved. The last time I rode it (probably ten years ago) I came away with the impression it had been all but abandoned, until it crossed Sheriden Drive and became paved. The road crossings had been upgraded, the surface was good, and there was fresh paving in several sections, presumably those that were sandy or muddy.

Hoan bridge bike route report

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has recently issued a draft report on putting a bike lane of the Hoan bridge that crosses Milwaukee’s harbor. A public hearing is scheduled for November 14.

This facility would close a gap in Milwaukee’s Oak Leaf Trail. It would also close a gap in the series of trails that run from Chicago through Milwaukee towards Door county along Lake Michigan.

The challenge is that the lowest-cost alternative would take one of the north-bound traffic lanes, reducing vehicle traffic to two lanes from three.  Alternative that do not take a traffic lane are considerably more expensive.

Kenosha county bike trails paved

Kenosha county has recently paved its two sections of bike trails: from the Racine County line south to 35th St in Kenosha and from 89th St south to the Illinois state line. Thus the entire trail between Racine and Kenosha is now paved.

Hank Aaron Trail extension

Work is now underway on the extension connecting the Hank Aaron Trail at 94th Court to the Oak Leaf Trail. The connection takes place at a small park on the south side of Bluemound near the Milwaukee-Waukesha county line. This park is also at the southern end of a new underpass that carries the Oak Leaf Trail under Bluemound.

The new section of the trail will be surfaced with crushed limestone until the planned reconstruction of the Zoo Interchange is completed. The remainder of the trail is paved except for a short stretch east of Miller Park (called “Valley Crossing”) which is also used by construction equipment.