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Drexel Avenue bike path

For those taking the Oak Leaf trail on the south side of Milwaukee County, Drexel Avenue has long served as the connector between Lake Michigan and the trail along the Root River to the west. The bad news is that an interchange has now been opened connecting Drexel to I-94 and no doubt increasing traffic counts. The good news is that as part of that project a bike trail was constructed along the north side of Drexel.

Map of trail (pdf): Drexel bike path

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New bike trail in Milwaukee

Ever since the Wisconsin Department of Transportation recommended against allowing bicycles on the Hoan Bridge, it has promised an alternate route between downtown and Bayview, using an abandoned railroad right of way. In fact for several years this proposed trail appeared on the Milwaukee county bike map as an existing trail.

Finally, construction on the trail has started. Once constructed it will run between Washington and Maple Streets and form an alternative to 1st or 2nd streets, as part of the route between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Downtown-Bayview connector map (pdf)